All Dogs are NOT created equal
mix breed  

It is understandable that a lot of people love dogs so much, but life is full of challenges and disappointments. If we are not willing to accept this, damages will continue to be suffered by pitbulls.

If you Google up the history of Pitbull breed, you will understand that its existence today has a lot to do with what it was bred for , yes fighting. Unfortunately that is the fact. Not to admit this is just going to do more damage to the breed and to society. One of the biggest problem that people are doing right now are mixing of breeds. By doing this different an unpredictable variations of traits and characters appear. While the initial Pitbull trade was intended to be non-human aggressive and animal aggressive, this new breed mixing practices will definitely sway away from this main purpose.

We all know that there are certain breeds that are human aggressive or can easily be human aggressive, for example those for guard dog function. And the original Pitbull purpose is not one of them because it will defeat the whole purpose of its initial function, which is to be animal aggressive in a pit box.

Ignorant people would mix such traits by mix breeding, and then be surprised when the offsprings turn out with some level of human agressiveness. By this time, it is too late. Victim may have fell, and the blame is to be shifted to the dog. The problem OCCURS when the physical appearance of the mixed animal somewhat lean towards a "pitbull look". It is not rocket sience, it is simple logic. Then, the media will have a glorious moment to 'celebrate' the shocking news or incident. The OWNER will definitely not to blame, because she/ he is just overflowing with love for the dog, and hey... the dog just don't get it and bit someone. Who am I to blame?

NOT, this must stop and people must learn to know that not all dogs are the same. Mixing and loving all 'creatures' of your wrongdoing will just be ok. No it is not ok, you must live with the consequences of mixing the breed and unpurifying the breed. And take responsibility of what you have done.

So, the bloodline and the historical breeding of the individual makes the difference. So next time you are about to breed two individuals, consider the outcome and what it will cause to the offsrpings, the individual itself, society, and the breed. They do not have lawyers to defend them, even you cannot afford one. So please start to think logical.

Happy living with pitbulls.

NOTE: For those who only breed and purposely mixing the breed for the look and for the money, get a life.